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Post by EpsilonsMemory on Tue Jan 28, 2014 4:32 am

The game nights will start off every few days, with the goal to be every other day, if not each day.

The way this works is a member of the clan will be chosen to host the game night for a certain day of the week, every week. For example, if billybob was chosen to host game nights on Mondays, he would be responsible to do so each Monday until he decides to trade off the position to another clan member.

If you would like an opportunity to have a day for hosting game night please post a reply to this. If you do not wish to continue hosting you will not be forced to do so, but I would prefer that only those interested in hosting more than one week would respond at this point in time.

Monday -
Tuesday -
Wednesday - Doctor Nugget
Thursday -
Friday - KorruptDivinity
Saturday - EnoughApple
Sunday - EpsilonsMemory

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